August 30, 2021

Industries We Work With

N49 Interactive has had the unique opportunity to build websites and work with businesses across a wide variety of industries including Automotive, Construction & Design, Events & Media, Fashion & Apparel, Food & Dining, Health & Personal Care, Home & Garden, and Professional Services. Of course all of these industry categories have their own range of different types of businesses within each industry. 

For example, within the professional services industry, we have had the pleasure of working with real estate agents, private investigators, and law firms. has done a great job of listing web design companies for a wide variety of industries and N49 Interactive has had the pleasure of being listed on the list of top Law Firm Website Design companies.

Overall, it is important for web design firms in Toronto and globally, to be experienced with working with a plethora of businesses in varying industries in order to stay on top of digital trends within each industry.